Audio-Assault Hidden Gems Amp Pack for Grind Machine II-SYNTHiC4TE

Audio-Assault Hidden Gems Amp Pack for Grind Machine II-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot

SYNTHiC4TE | March 12 2018 | 1.1 MB

Immerse yourself in the experience of playing often overlooked gems.
The One Wall Studio expansion pack for Grind Machine II
contains 11 preamp channels from 4 different monsters of high gain.

You will not find these tones in any other amp sim pack ever.
Featuring 1 pack of 15 guitar cab impulses meticulously gathered to find the perfect sounds for any tonal variation you could come up with.
The most unique sounding amps, microphones, and the custom built guitar cab from One Wall Studio are all at your disposal in this pack.


12 brand new preamp models; 3 clean channels, 1 Low Gain channel, 3 Overdrive / Crunch channels, and 3 high gain channels.
4 different modeled amplifiers, all rare or modded in some way from their original configurations.
Captured with the “impact” knob on Grind Machine II in mind, for intense low end response.
Rare cabinet with four different speakers in a Marshall 4x12 shell
15 total guitar cab impulse responses, comprised of 5 different rare or often overlooked microphones in 3 different positions each. All phase coherent, for use with any IR loader.

While some people want to recreate the same old tones of the “classics”, Phil Zeo at One Wall Studio combs through tons of different amps, collecting the overlooked and the under-utilized amps that other people ignore. With so many gems out there, who has time to look through them all and determine which ones are diamonds in the rough?

With 4 different amps and 2-3 channels from each, there is a huge range of tone to play with.

A new take on an old classic amplifier, was modded from it’s original configuration to take even more gain with a rounder midrange. With a combination of hot, dusty tubes and sizzling pristine new tubes, this tonal monster is the king of breakup and edge.

An amp head removed from a combo amp and placed on a shelf, is a gem of the valve era. Bright, angry, and in your face, this amp doesn’t even know how to do cleans without a distinct attack and massive crunch. Don’t play too hard, or it might just bite the hand that feeds it.

Mango Of Shadows
A ridiculously loved amp that many people choose to tour with. Behind the walls of unused amplifiers and cabinets you’ll find this baby, plugged directly into the mains. And that’s for good reason. With a clean channel suited to everything from country to punk, and a high gain channel that screams in your face the moment you turn the gain knob, this little beauty will not disappoint.

Dahli, a legend of solid state among underground metal fans. Don’t be fooled; the cleans on this are cool and smooth, but once you switch to the first overdrive channel you may find yourself getting addicted to the immense breakup and wall of energy that you have channeled through your hands. Switch to the second overdrive channel, and you’ll see why I chose to call it Rage. This setting is so intense, so brutal, that no tube amp I’ve ever heard can match the cold precision with which this thing cuts. Strong, tight low end and a smoothly contoured midrange is just the icing on the cake of this high gain masterpiece. Truly, a diamond in the rough.

With this Expansion pack, Phil has chosen the best of the best from amongst all of his favorite heads, microphones, and his favorite guitar cab. From old, rare dynamic mics with insanely punchy frequency responses to smooth, modern microphones that have a different tonal character, these impulse responses have enough variety (but cohesion) to fit into any mix.

Mag15: An alternative to the mic that you would expect to see on a guitar amp. Whenever possible, this scooped microphone can carve out a brutal tone. Modern, aggressive, and bright as all get out, this microphone and cab combo Is the perfect blender of tight and thick.

Mag32: Yes, this is a broadcast mic. No, it’s not the one you would expect to see. It’s the newest addition in the direct lineage of some seriously legendary mics, and boy does it shine. It’s punchy midrange and smoothed out high end may work to tame sibilance on a vocal, but on a guitar cab it only serves to accentuate the most aggressive and exciting frequencies that an amp can throw at it.

Mag69: Some people look to the older brother of this mic for a solid, jack-of-all-tones go-to microphone. But what most people don’t realize is, this mic has so much usage not only in live situations, but in studio when you just need some focus, this mic has it all. Whether it’s air, sludge, or midrangey punch, this will get you there.

MagEND: This is a mic for toms. A very old mic for toms that will not break no matter how many times you drop it. While right at home on a floor tom, it’s also a microphone that will fill out the low mids of your tone and the top range where all the sizzle can be found. Experimentation is key, but in the right situation this mic will make your tone feel organic and raw.

MagVAT: Pure vintage dynamic goodness. I would tell you what the model number is, but I can’t even read it. It’s been worn down from years of being used in touring rigs, studio settings, and now it’s in One Wall Studio. If you’re looking for an extremely focused, vintage sound from a microphone that has no name, this will give you everything you’re looking for and more. Use it for it’s aggressive color, or use it for a vintage tone effect. Either way, do yourself a favor and use it.

If you’re looking for more of the same, you may not find it here. But if you’re looking to really create tones of your own, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to One Wall Studio’s tone room, and welcome to a paradise for DIY tone crafters.

Requires Grind Machine II