HOFA SYSTEM 2 Bundle v2.0 CE-V.R

HOFA SYSTEM 2 Bundle v2.0 CE-V.R

TEAM V.R | Dec 05 2017 | 19.6 MB

HOFA SYSTEM is an audio plugin with unprecedented modular possibilities. It allows to drag modules like EQs, compressors, reverbs etc into the workspace and combine them in unlimited ways – serial, parallel, multiband, mid/side etc.

One of the highlights in SYSTEM 1 is the brand-new AlgoVerb: a postmodern algorithmic premium reverb with super-easy handling that brings the most flexible sound options of classic hardware reverb units into any DAW.

Besides AlgoVerb, HOFA SYSTEM contains further modules, including:

•channel and buss compressor.
•parametric EQ with up to 11 bands.
•pitch shifter.
•meter pan.

For versatile routing applications there are modules to create:

•serial, parallel and multiband.
•dual mono and.
•mid/side setups.

Finally, subchain and feedback modules provide the ability to create most complex sound designs.