Propellerhead Dr.Octo Rex Guitar REFiLL FREE

Propellerhead Dr.Octo Rex Guitar REFiLL FREE screenshot

REFiLL | 86.77 MB

The Dr. Octo Rex Guitar Collection is a free library of acoustic and electric guitar loops for Reason 5. Using the multiple loop capable Dr. Octo Rex, we have created patches organized by style and song key, making it super easy to lay down a guitar track using natural chord progressions.

The included playing styles covers anything from open strumming to single string riffs and punk power chords – all intuitively laid out and easy to use.

ReFill features:

355 rex loops
115 Dr Octo Rex patches organized into 10 styles (4 acoustic, 6 electric)
Template combinator patches
Extra super duper bonus Propellerhead Staff patches

The video below shows how easy it is to arrange songs using the Dr Octo Rex patches.