Production Music Live DEEP PREMIUM Vol.2.1 WAV-TZ Group

Production Music Live DEEP PREMIUM Vol.2.1 WAV-TZ Group screenshot

TZ Group | WAV | 91.83 MB

Professional Drum Sample Pack featuring more than 750+ one-shot samples of the sounds we created along the way and we are using in our own productions and Youtube tutorials. We are performing ongoing updates on the pack - updates are free for everybody who purchased the pack.

Description & Specifications:

The package contains around 750+ samples, including claps, snares, open and closed hihats, rides, effects, percussive elements and kicks.
You don't need to have any specific software installed. Deep Premium works with every DAW.

All samples are

List of contents:

154 Kicks
102 Snares
80 Claps
224 Percussive Elements
118 Closed Hihats
18 Shakers
42 Open Hihats
25 Rides and Crashes
10 FX Sounds
12 Loops



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