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Lynda One-Minute Weekly Songwriting Tips (updated 6 jan 2017) TUTORiAL screenshot

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What makes the songs you know and love so powerful? Is it the melody or the beat, the verse or the chorus, the lyrics or the underlying message? One-Minute Weekly Songwriting Tips breaks down the secrets of great songwriters, using examples from today's top 10 Billboard hits. Every Friday, Cliff Goldmacher offers a short 1-minute tip that you can put into practice immediately. Don't wait to sit down and write! Get a weekly dose of songwriting inspiration and technical insights, ranging from techniques for writing better songs, getting past writing blocks, and collaborating with cowriters to making it in the music business.

Listen to the songs Cliff references in the course by subscribing to his Spotify playlist, Cliff's Weekly Songwriting Tips.

Topics include:

•Writing lyrics that are easy to sing
•Putting the message in the chorus
•Being productive at home
•Putting the hook at the end of the chorus
•Keeping rhyme schemes consistent
•Using repetition in melodies
•Making rough recordings
•Reading poetry for inspiration
•Writing at a regular time
•Taking a weekly writing assignment
•Cutting down a song's length

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