Sincinaty Sounds Vol.2 (WAV)

Sincinaty Sounds Vol.2 (WAV) screenshot

As with Volume 1, the Sincinaty sounds are all about character. Regardless of whether it is kick drum, clap, hi-hat or percussion, every sound brings something with it. In addition to drum sounds, there is also a fine selection of bass, synths and FX samples. With the Sincinaty Sounds Vol. 2 you get enough creative input to realize new loops and tracks.


113 Clean & Hard Kicks
70 Claps & Snares
38 Hihats
6 Crashes
70 Percussions
64 Tonal FXs
52 Bass Sounds
63 Synth Shots & Pads
10 Miscellaneous Sounds
5 FL Studio Project Files