Sound Effect Colection - SFX Sampler Pack [FREE]

Sound Effect Colection - SFX Sampler Pack [FREE] screenshot

2014 | WAV | 1.40 GB

2 GB when uncompressed, or about 1.5 hours worth of sounds!
These are hand-picked from their premium libraries so you can get a taste of their work – and the sounds are not crippled in any way, so they’re ready to be used in your current or future projects.

The A Sound Effect SFX Sampler Pack contains sounds from:
Airborne Sound • Bonson • Detunized • Mattia Cellotto • Resonance Sound • ShapingWaves • SkewSound • Sound Ex Machina • SoundBits • Soundopolis • Tovusound • Unidentified Sound Object • WhatisValis