Loops De La Creme Cymbal Rolls KONTAKT

Loops De La Creme Cymbal Rolls KONTAKT

P2P 13 May 2015 | 859 MB

Perform extraordinarily realistic cymbal swells in real-time using your keyboard's Modulation Wheel!

Increase the dynamic and emotional impact of your tracks with these responsive, intuitive and fully customisable instruments.

Press a key, use the modulation wheel, release the key: It's never been easier to infuse your music with epic, organic, gorgeous sounding swells!

10 hand-picked premium cymbals
278 samples (WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)
up to 34 dynamic layers for maximum realism
10 single cymbal roll instruments
1 dynamic set with all cymbals
12 sound design instruments (Kontakt multis)
20 Impulse Responses (reverb)
Meinl Byzance 21' Ride Transition
Meinl Byzance 18' Dark Crash
Paiste Signature 14' Fast Crash
Sabian AAX 16' Aero Crash
Paiste PST-8 18' China Rock
Sabian XS20 18' China
Zildjian Avedis 19' Beautiful Baby Ride
Zildjian A-Custom 18' Crash
Zildjian Kerope 19' Crash
Zildjian Constantinople 22' Thin Ride

FILTERS: A high-pass and a low pass filter help you cut out unwanted frequencies

REVERB SELECTOR: pick one of 20 custom Impulse Responses

ATTACK: bring this up for mellow and smooth rolls without audible strokes, or down to hear the impact of the mallet.

RELEASE: maximum release values provide an authentic decay of the cymbal, while lower values help replicate a chocked roll.

MONO: reduce the stereo width to easily integrate the swell in your mix

BRIGHT: add a slight boost of high-frequencies

NOTCH: subtle cut of low-mid and high-mid frequency resonances

FX: speaker simulation to create eerie, ghostly sounds

Mix multiple cymbals together and assign any of the interface knobs to your midi controller to create your own dynamic instruments.

To get you started, CYMBAL ROLLS features 12 fascinating multi-instruments. These fun, responsive presets include vintage rolls, over-the-top wide and powerful swells, chocked rolls, 
builders, risers and pure sound design original instruments.