Cakewalk Dimension Pro 1.5 & Rapture Content 1.2.2 Works FOR OSX & Win

Cakewalk Dimension Pro 1.5 & Rapture Content 1.2.2 Works For OSX & Win
Applications : Mac | English | Cakewalk Dimension Pro & Rapture Content Works in OSX & Win | 6.56 GB

Dimension Pro is the critically acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis giving you endless sound possibilities. The immense sound library DVD included with Dimension Pro makes it the ideal go-to instrument for musicians, while its deep editing and sound design capabilities have a natural appeal to sound designers.

Dimension Pro offers an abundance of vital useable sounds, that range from pristine realistic acoustic instruments, thumping basses and cutting leads to complex, evolving atmospheres.

Amazing Sounds, Endless Possibilities :

Cakewalk Dimension Pro 1.5 & Rapture Content 1.2.2 Works FOR OSX & Win

Perfect for Sound Designers :


1.Install the 1st dvd you may burn it to disc or mount the image.
2. Put the serial in to each of the serial slots to continue.
3. If the installer completes and ask for disc 2 GREAT!!! If not thats ok to.
4. Close the install process and go to the 1.3 updater.
5. It will install the latest drivers for the plugins AU RTAS VST.
6. If you want older updaters do not use the 1.3 go to
7. Download older driver you already have the serials to do so.
8. Once the updaters of you choice are done check you plugins folders to see if the rtas vst and au files are there now please pay attention (if the dvd installers did not complete past the 50% point and crashed ONLY completely remove the Dimension Pro Content and trash it do not trash the .vst, .dpm or .component they are fine because they made it home.
9.With the Dimension Pro Content folder in the trash replace it with this already completed Dimension Pro Content folder in the exact place that the older one was and you can now open your logic or pro tools or whatever it will ask you for the auth code next put it in and you are done.