Sound Radix 32 Lives v1.0.3 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE

Sound Radix 32 Lives v1.0.3 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE screenshot

Team CORE | Feb 23 2014 | 4.1 MB

32 Lives is a 32-bit to 64-bit Audio-Units plug-ins adapter, and is compatible with virtually all 64-bit Audio-Units host applications.
In July 2013, Apple introduced Logic Pro X, the next-generation version of its professional audio software, bringing many new features and improvements and an updated user interface. Moving forward with new technologies, the new Logic Pro X is a modern, 64-bit only application, which means that older 32-bit plug-ins will no longer work in Logic Pro X. Previous projects that were created in Logic 9 or earlier that include 32-bit only plug-ins will not fully open in Logic Pro X.

Enter 32 Lives.

32 Lives is a new application, capable of generating 64-bit Audio Units versions of your loved and hard-earned 32-bit legacy plug-ins, helping you to cross over to the new Logic Pro X smoothly and transparently. Older Logic 9 sessions will completely load into Logic Pro X, including all presets, parameters and automation. No special re-wiring or routing is required. All your 32-bit only plug-ins will again re-appear in the plug-ins menu as they always did.

Version 1.0.3

Fixed crash with AudioEase Speakerphone
Fixed crash with GSi VB3
Fixed plug-in windows being dragged out of their DAW’s window if the window title is double clicked before dragging
Fixed plug-in windows sometimes disappearing with a DAW in full-screen mode
Fixed plug-in windows sometimes disappearing when moving back to the DAW from another app in full-screen mode
Fixed unclosable plug-in windows in Digital Performer - plug-in windows now disappear properly if covered by DP’s main window
Fixed plug-in windows sometimes blacking out in Triumph, Fidelia and QLab
Fixed some plug-ins not forwarding keyboard events to host
Added Check for Update menu item


During installation, use the 'Offline Activation' tab to complete

If this tab is not present (ie. '32 Lives') then use the 'Save'
button inside the keymaker to manually create a license file. This
process will require administrative privileges since it creates a
license.bin inside '/Library/Application Support/Sound Radix/'.
You will have to restart the installer for it to update with the
saved activation details.


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