Arturia Spark VDM v1.7.2-R2R

Arturia Spark VDM v1.7.2-R2R screenshot

TEAM R2R | 2014.02.23 | 109.29 MB

SPARK Vintage brings 30 legendary drum machines to the musician.

Intuitive and powerful, this software is much more than your typical sample player. By mixing high quality samples and virtual analog synthesis (based on TAE®), Spark Vintage manages to capture the unique soul of these instruments.

From the classic percussion sounds of the Roland CR-78 and Korg Mini Pops 7 to the heavy punch of the TR-series, all the top producers’ boutique models are available in one single easy-to-use interface.

Add to this the lightning-fast workflow, in-depth tweaking possibilities, and live features of Spark, and you get a true must have for any demanding beat maker.


Version 1.7 version out now !!!


A user-friendly and unified browser that can now be controlled from the Hardware. This browser allows to quickly preview projects, kits, instruments.

Six new effects taken from the Arturia Wurlitzer V stompbox effects collection : EQ 10 bands, Analog Delay, Pitch shift Chorus, Vocal Filter, Analog Chorus, Leslie

A Step Automation for live performances

A new Global Automation Tool that will easily allow you to apply a global increment/decrement to the automation.

New automate pattern changes parameters (next pattern and next bank)

30 legendary drum machines including: Roland TR-808, TR-707, TR-909, CR-78, Korg KPR-77, Mini Pops 7, LinnDrum, Yamaha RX5, Maestro Rhythm King MKII, Simmons SDS V,...

Easy workflow: one interface to learn, thirty drum machines to play

Made for live performance: XY Pad, Beat Looper, Slicer, Real-time automation on all parameters

14 high quality effects : Multiband Compressor, Reverb, Bit crusher, Multiband EQ, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Phaser, Plate reverb, Destroyer, Flanger, Space pan, Limiter, Sub generator

Spark’s Step Sequencer makes track creation a breeze

Perfect integration: 16 independant audio outputs, midi I/O

Unparalleled sound quality based on virtual analog synthesis (TAE®) and high resolution sampling

More than 1300 pre-programmed patterns