Champian Corporation PAK PRODUCER 786 A DSP

Champian Corporation PAK PRODUCER 786 A DSP screenshot

x86 | 09.04.2011 | 3.94 MB

Mono to Stereo Quality Output DSP Amplifier.

Put this Amplifier into your Master Channel, it will process your track into true Stereo. Also Mono to Stereo Quality output is possible and Stereo enhancing provide more Quality output, works with Windows Based Host/DAW.


1. Mono Channel is your input signal source
2. Stereo Channel 1/ Stereo Channel 2/ is the extracted image from Mono
3. This amplifier actually extracts 3 Audio from 1 Mono Input
4. It converts your simple input signal into 2 Channel output for True Stereo Quality
5. Channel 1 / Channel 2 have separate Freq. Monitoring Oscilloscopes
6. Channel 1/ Channel 2 have same Master Volume for balancing audio
7. Listen Mono before creating and hear it into Stereo on the Fly
8. Convert Stereo Quality (2 seperate channels) on the fly from 1 recorded or recording track
9. Adjust the knob, use it according to your need for creating 2 channels Stereo Quality track
10. Redirect your audio into this Amplifier and experience the Finest Quality even from a Novice User
11. Stereo Enabled