ExpDigital G-Flux v1.0.2 VST MAC/WiN

ExpDigital G-Flux v1.0.2 VST MAC/WiN
Team: AMPLiFY | Date: 11.18.2006 | Size: 8,49 MB / 5,39 MB

GFlux is a multi mode modulated filter. But this simple description fails to do justice to the complex sound design tool that GFlux is!

GFlux is a multi-filter plug-in with extensive modulation capabilities.

The core of GFlux is the concept of the 'flow'. Each flow represents a different filter layout, controlling which filters feed to others. The flows range from simple 8 pole filters right through to complex serial / parallel networks. These flows cover almost all the possibilities for routing and combined with the separate level control for each filter state you can create very complex filter responses.


- 4 Filters.
- 5 Simultaneous Filter Types.
- 6 Modulators.
- 5 Modulation Types.
- 18 Filter routing configurations.
- 11 Distortions.
- Full MIDI Control.


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