PSPaudioware PSP McQ v1.8.0 R2 MacOSX REPACK-R2R

PSPaudioware PSP McQ v1.8.0 R2 MacOSX REPACK-R2R

PSPaudioware PSP McQ v1.8.0 R2 MacOSX REPACK | 13.4 MB
Team R2R 2013.12.29

PSP McQ captures the sonic character and functionality of various classic console equalizers such as the versatile MCI console EQs. However, while PSP McQ was inspired by these analog classics, we added several modern features such as adjustable high pass and low pass filters, steepness (resonance) control for the shelving filters, optional bell filters for the low and high bands, and three nominal Q values for the midrange filters. We packed the PSP McQ full of musical features, such as gain following Q factors for the midrange bell type filters. By this, we mean that the Q factor of these filters gradually increases along with increases in boost or attenuation. The PSP McQ is especially suited for deep track tweaking in order to get a desired sound for a track, or to get great track separation in the mix.

PSP McQ also includes our unique second generation SAT(uration) option in the output section. This both protects against digital clipping in software or hardware following the plug-in, and adds a smooth, overdriven sound to hard-driven signals. The SATuration algorithm is located after output level control in PSP McQ's internal chain and its ceiling reference level is setup a fraction of dB below 0dBFS.

REPACK NOTE : The name of previous keyfile was wrong.

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