Dance Music Manual, Third Edition by Rick Snoman

ISBN: 9780415825641 | 2013 | PDF | 520 Pages | 36 MB

What are the differences between trance and chill out? How can you create compelling, professional-sounding original or remixed dance tracks? With Dance Music Manual, you'll get coverage of every aspect of dance music production from designing sounds to compression, from effects to mixing and mastering and go even further, with advice on publishing and promoting your tracks. No matter your level of experience, this book is packed with techniques and practical tips to help you achieve professional results, whether you're an aspiring dance music producer, DJ, remixer, recording engineer, musician, or composer.

The companion website provides examples of synthesis programming, compression, effects, MIDI files and examples of the tracks discussed within this edition.

The third edition includes up-to-date dance music coverage, including new chapters on arranging dance music, layering kicks, more on music theory, fundamentals of rhythm, building professional drum loops, gain structure, producing dubstep, and advice on the very latest production techniques.

Author Bio

Rick Snoman has been actively involved in the electronic dance music scene since the late eighties. He has produced numerous white labels and released under various guises such as Phiadra, GOD and Red5. He has remixed professionally for artists such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, and Madonna and worked as a ghost producer for recording artists and international DJ's. Alongside holding seminars across the UK on producing club-based music, he has written numerous articles and reviews for leading music technology magazines and authored a distance-learning course for Music For the Media. He currently runs his own recording studios in Manchester, UK.


This Book one of the great one on Electronic Music. if u think it's worth,plz buy it.

Note: Funny thing about this book is the DMM book to be published in November 12th and it's not available for sell now (in publisher site) but it's available for buying throw amazon !!! it means the book is not actually print yet ! but amazon sell it and people buy that ! we don't know why and how !
Anyway u got original ebook.