BigTick audio software Rhino STANDALONE VSTi V2.0.9

BigTick audio software Rhino STANDALONE VSTi V2.0.9 | 54 MB

BigTick, you've excelled yourselves this time! This synth has so much character you couldn't have called it anything but Rhino. The complexity scared me to death at first, but within a couple of hours I had programmed up my first patch. Much respect to the Tick!.

* 6 oscillators per voice.
* Hundreds of built-in waveforms.
* Custom waveforms using samples (sfz) or additive generator.
* Modulatable, variable waveshapers.

* 2 filters with flexible routing options.
* 20 different modes (including our incredibly warm analog emulations).
* Waveshaping and cross-filter feedback for crazy distortion effects.

* Stellar, dual effects section.
* Tempo-syncable delays, choruses, flangers and phasers.
* Unusual effects like the Granulator, Crazycomb or Oktaverb.

* More than 1000 presets, neatly classified in a searchable database.
* Thousands of third-party presets available.

* Slick graphical multipoint envelopes with curvature controls.
* Fully dynamic routing matrix visible at all times.
* Step sequencer with random mode.
* 6 editable performance controllers.
* User-defined midi assignment of most controls.
* Microtuning support.