Absolutely Understand Guitar with Scotty West

Absolutely Understand Guitar with Scotty West

Absolutely Understand Guitar with Scotty West | 21.8 GB

Have you ever thought to yourself; 'Gee, I really wish I could take guitar lessons from a goofy man like Dr. Steve Brule'? Well, we couldn't get Steve Brule. But we got his long-lost brutha' from a different mutha', Scrotie Crest... I mean, Scotty West:

Yes, he is goofy. But he is also an absolute genius. Scotty West has 45 years of experience teaching guitar, and through a process of having mentally molested thousands of students with his awesome skills, he has been able to refine his excellent method of teaching advanced music theory and getting you to actually understand your instrument.

Guitarists are a dumb breed, and Rock guitarists doubly so. Do you really want to be another one of the countless mouthbreathing guitarists who only knows four chords and a few scattered song fragments and licks? Or do you want to actually achieve complete musical freedom and a deep understanding of what you are doing?

This course consists of 32 one-hour videos, each covering a different topic. By the end of it all, you will have a very advanced understanding of music theory and improvisation.

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